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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Faculty activity in on PD Day - Vision of the Ideal NCHS Graduate

A Vision of the Ideal NCHS Graduate

A Vision of the Ideal NCHS Graduate

The first – and most significant – step in the NEASC self-study process is the identification, delineation and refinement of our core values, beliefs and learning expectations.  Moving beyond the traditional “mission statement,” a school’s core values and beliefs about learning provide the foundation for all decision-making going forward. This is to be a dynamic and inclusive process, beginning with the faculty and subsequently involving students and all other stakeholders, the product of which should be a collective objective to which the entire New Canaan High School community can commit.

Directions:   In your groups, brainstorm around the following questions.  Be as specific as possible, especially as to the thoughts behind your choices. DO NOT address concerns about implementation (funding, staffing, et al) as this is an exercise about ideals.  Later, we will re-convene as a faculty and each group will report out. Commonalities will quickly surface and differences will provide an opportunity for spirited, respectful and thoughtful debate.

What words and phrases best describe the ideal NCHS graduate?

What should be the goal of a NCHS education? Why?

  • What skills should each be able to demonstrate?
  • What competencies and literacies should each acquire?
  • What habits of mind should each possess?
In what specific ways can the school provide for every student to acquire and achieve this?  

  • Around what, should our program of study be built?
  • What types of experiences should every student have while in high school
  • What supports should we have in place to ensure success for all students?
  • In what specific ways should we prepare all students to be informed and responsible members of society and the global community?